Sunday, August 17, 2008


Monday, August 11, 2008

Our trip to Berlin

Many people died at the Berlin Wall. Here is a picture of Matthias and I at the wall.

The wall was built by the Soviets to separate East Berliners and the West Berliners. It came down in 1989 then Berlin was put together again. The other picture is of us at Checkpoint Charlie where there used to be a guardpost by the Wall for people to go through.

My favorite place on the trip - Copenhagen

Copenhagen is known for The Little Mermaid. It is a statue in the harbor based on a story by Hans Christian Anderson. But the real reason I like Copenhagen is because it has the Danish Resistance Museum. It has the real Nazi flag that they put on the square in Copenhagen when the Germans took over Denmark in WWII. The gun that is pointing at you right now is called a Moccoson 1847 machine gun. The town looked like a really beautiful park in New York but without skyscrapers. There are lots and lots of boats. We saw this cool jail cell where an old pirate was captured even though he kept escaping. They finally were able to keep him in one cell and he grew his beard really long and mice nested in it.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Some pictures - finally - from the boat trip

This is outside beside the Garden Cafe (where we ate alot) and the white cliffs of Dover are behind us->
<- This pictures is where we sat on outside our room. We had great weather for the first 5 days of the trip!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

First day on the Boat

The boat is cool and it has a spa, a movie theater and two swimming pools. The room has mint chocolates at night and the balcony overlooks the sea. It is so, so beautiful. We are going to be sailing for 12 days. I am looking forward to going to Copenhagen and riding our bikes.

(p.s. We are still having trouble getting pictures on the blog - will try to fix in a few days......)

Visit to Birmingham

We went to Birmingham to visit Grandma’s sister Aunt June. Aunt June knew a lot about WWII and she lived through all the bombing raids. In this picture, I am holding a piece of the incendiary bomb and Matthias is holding shrapnel of a regular bomb. The incendiary bomb would make a fire when it landed then it would blow up. Aunt June found it around her house.

Another cool thing about visiting Birmingham was finding out about when it got bombed and how the sirens sounded. Also, it was fun meeting all our relatives.

Visit to the Chelsea Football Stadium

I like the 5 star dressing room better than the visitors dressing room because it was much bigger and it had a player whose name is Alex! Only one team has beaten Chelsea in the 4 years since they redid the visitors locker room. A weird fact is that if you go on the pitch at Chelsea Stadium you get kicked out of the stadium and all the rest of the stadiums in Europe for the rest of your life. The pitch is another name for field and it is grass not turf. Finally, I thought the stadium looked sort of small.

(pictures are having trouble getting uploaded right now - sorry for that everyone!)